Legal Drinking Age in Greece

Although there is a set age for young teens in Greece to purchase alcohol, there is no control or limit for those who are planning on drinking it especially if within private property like homes. Practically, there is no legal drinking age in Greece, only a legal purchasing age limit. Anyone can drink to their heart’s content but everyone is expected to not act drunk and unruly before, during and after the act. In pubs, taverns, and bar, the legal age of drinking liquor is 16. Of you are accompanied by your legal guardian or parent and they consent to it, you can get a glass though. Although extremely lenient about drinking alcohol, Greece is no means lax with drunk drivers both teens and adults. They have police that analyze the person and have rather strict laws and unforgiving punishments especially for those who are in accidents or are the cause of it. You can read reviews about here.

Greece, as in its culture, is a country of social drinkers. The act of drinking itself is considered a gathering wherein one may strengthen the bonds of friends and family, and a way to relax from the harsh realities of normal life. As it is a social drinking event, it is not uncommon to allow children to have a few sips of liquor, mostly on holidays and special occasion like reunions.

In history, Greece has something called a Symposium. Symposium is actually a drinking party in ancient Greece. It is a time for them to commune (the men mostly), celebrate, eat, drink, and dance the night away. It is often said that this gathering was done to honor or remember Dionysus, the god of wine.