A second passport? A second nationality? You want one?

You can have one second passport and citizenship:
– Economic citizenship programs
– Through an unpublished program
– Through ancestry
– Through adoption
– By marriage

Economic citizenship programs

An official fast track second citizenship Some countries offer an economic citizenship program that enables you to acquire a second passport and a second citizenship if you invest money in a certain type of business in the country. these programs are fully backed by the constitution of that country and are enacted in their legislation. Therefore it is perfectly legal and safe. These second citizenship programs aim at individuals who want to escape from their (often repressive) country of origin and want to start a new life. Some of these second passport programs allow a legal name change. The procedure is simple and fast and the benefits of these second passports make them very attractive: they allow you visa-free travel to most countries, the economic and political climate in the new country is stable, you pay lower taxes. The average investment is 100.000 to 150.000 euro. These second citizenship programs are widely known and some individuals are discouraged because of their high profile character. Some countries have put an end to their second citizenship programs due to international pressure.

Second passport by discretion and second citizenship through an unpublished program

The best there is! Some countries have no specific second citizenship programs enacted in their legislation but politicians of the country have discretionary power and may grant citizenship, often in exchange for a favor given by the applicant. This is particularly the case with honorary diplomatic appointments and diplomatic passports. These are beyond doubt the best second passports you can have. The benefits of such a passport go so much further than a common second passport. The holder and his family enjoy the many privileges and immunities granted by the Vienna Conventions on Consular and Diplomatic Relations. However, if these politicians are going to exercise their discretion, they will only do so if it will not affect their good name. These arrangements involve a screening process by a trusted party who then lobbies on behalf of the applicant. It’s a legally issued second passport and it can be used to live in the country of issuance. This procedure often includes naturalization and sometimes even a birth certificate. Knowing the right people and having a genuine professional consultant is of vital importance. Another kind of second passport program is a combination of an economic citizenship scheme and the discretionary approach. Many countries in the world are willing to grant second citizenship if it’s in the countries interest. Even the United States and Great Britain grant citizenship and passports to persons whom they believe may be of value and who will benefit the nation. Such programs seek to attract investors. An investment in a government-approved business usually will do to for the relevant government department to exercise its discretion and deliver to the investor an instant citizenship and second passport.

A second passport and a second nationality through ancestry

A child who has parents with a different nationality may claim dual nationality. This is common and generally accepted. Some countries have a legislation that allows an individual looking for a second citizenship to go further than one or two generations. Obtaining a second citizenship does not imply lower taxes and other benefits, as the country of origin can still hold claim over you. Renouncing your original nationality is in this case the solution. You can order your UK fake id on already21 and pay with bitcoin.

A second citizenship through adoption

You can obtain a second citizenship through adoption. This in not only a possibility for very young children. In some countries individuals of all ages can be adopted. This procedure implies a professional handling by legal experts, in both countries, the country of the adopted and the country of the adoptive parent.

A second passport and second nationality by marriage

Some countries grant immediate citizenship, and a second passport if you marry a native. Others only give a residency and you get your second passport after a few years. Useless to say that this is not the right way to obtain a second citizenship, you marry for other purposes.